About Our Company



Tax Plus Company was started and began offering tax preparation as well as consulting services to individuals in 1989. It is our 25th tax season!  The company was established by Peter Cymer and his father Ted Cymer (who passed away in 2006). Our first office was located in the building with the Registry of Motor Vehicles at that time, in Chicopee Center on Exchange Street. Back then, tax returns were prepared manually using pencils, calculators, and a lot of paper. With technological developments, which we adopted, tax preparation has changed, but one thing has not. We still provide personal, professional, and honest service at inexpensive level.

Friendly and Convenient Service

Locally owned and operated small business. Speaking English and Polish.

We are located near the “X” in Forest Park, Springfield, Mass., a few minutes from I-91, in the center among the surrounding towns , including northern Connecticut with Enfield, etc. We always want to ensure your confidence and that you have pleasant experience even if the tax matters are not always pleasant. Our priority is to make this process less stressful on you, but accurate where you can get every dollar you deserve. To save you time we suggest calling us prior to the personal visit.


Over 30 years of experience in economics with accounting, business management, and teaching. Real estate brokerage specialization in the last 20 years with the tax strategies for the rental properties.

Master’s Degree in Economics from the University in Warsaw, Poland and Master of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance from the A.I.C. in Springfield, Mass. Through personal experience in real estate and investments¬† the company has been involved in tax preparation and consulting real estate rental businesses as well as small stores, especially jewelry retail stores. Also got involved with many banks and helped them with their real estate needs. As a result of personal and professional involvement, the real estate became our specialty in tax preparation. We often provide advice on how a decision in real estate (selling a house or rental property, etc) can influence your possible tax situation. We use proven methods in the tax work and we adopt new as well, without changing our established integrity.